For more than a decade, NOMADICS has supported the Naval Unmanned Systems (UxS) portfolio with embedded Safety Systems Engineering services out of NUWC Division Newport and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Services performed have included safety, reliability, availability, and maintainability engineering on prototype and fielded Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Systems with and without payloads, in many Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) locations. 

NOMADICS has led the way for the United States Navy to plan, command, monitor, and respond to UUV missions anywhere in the world.

Technical support, research, development and delivery of Systems Engineering, Safety Analysis, Protocol, and Risk Assessment includes:

  • Computer-aided design support
  • Engineering data analysis and engineering support in specifications and standards
  • Component design and process integration
  • Risk reduction, configuration management, coatings technology, packaging technology and overall systems engineering support
  • Technical and administrative requirements support
  • Research, development, and delivery of System Safety Analysis, Protocol, and Risk Assessment documentation
  • Preliminary Hazard List (PHL) development with hazard severity and probability indices, mishap risk index, and recommended mitigation strategies
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Hazard Action Record (HAR) database, development and maintenance with mishap risk index, mitigation, and status changes
  • Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCIs) and safety-significant functions identification and development
  • Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA)
  • Hazardous Material Management Program (HMMP) plan development
  • System Requirements Hazard Analysis (SRHA), Sub-System Hazard Analysis (SSHA), and Health Hazard Analysis (HHA)
  • System Hazard Analysis (SHA)
  • Development and coordination of operational concepts, requirements, and modernization plans
  • Development tests, experiments, limited user tests and assessments, and initial and follow-on operational tests
  • Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) documentation
  • Material Change Packages (MCP)
  • Engineering Change Proposals (ECP)
  • Supportability Strategies (SS)
  • Assessment of alternatives
  • Critical Operational Issues & Criteria (COIC)
  • Urgent Release
  • Full Material Release
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
  • Illustrations and support drawing packages for equipment modifications
  • Participation in validation and verification of all equipment