NOMADICS is a science, engineering, and technology firm leading the way for progress.

For over 15 years, we have worked with government and private sector clients to deliver exceptionally dependable GIS data and technology solutions. Our experienced subject matter experts are true collaborators, creating clarity for decision-makers and mitigating risk in crucial projects. From the United States Government to our local communities, NOMADICS has been trusted to solve the unique planning, resilience, and sustainability challenges that stand in the way of mission success.



Follow us for truth that you can act on. Our expert analysts, engineers, and developers build and model custom systems using the leading state of the art GEOINT technology platforms.


Follow us for a new approach to planning, management, and analytics. Our senior leaders and subject matter experts have a track record of exceeding expectations at every step of the project.


Follow us to solve your complex problems. We have used reliable geospatial data to guide solutions in communications, logistics, transportation, defense, development, and more.

Credentials & Accreditations

Esri Partner Network Bronze Partner
Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP)
US Department of Defense Antiterrorism (ATL-1) Cyber Security Information
United States Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management (CQM)
Certified New Jersey Small Business Enterprise
The Nomad Group, LLC BBB accredited business profile

Follow us to conquer COVID in your state.

In 2020 to 2022, NOMADICS developed a user-friendly, interactive tool to track, monitor, and visualize the localized spread of COVID-19 in realtime. This powerful intelligence tool has given State COVID responders a centralized data platform to contain infections and limit the spread of this deadly pandemic.

NOMADICS in the News

NOMADICS has been our go-to company where clear and concise data needs to be assimilated in a way that the client can easily understand. Clearly, Nomadics is the supporting backbone that helps us fill the gaps in our understanding.

Blaine Rothauser, BR Environmental
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