NOMADICS can leverage years of relevant experience as a Department of Defense (DOD) contractor.

We have direct experience as former active-duty military and DA civilians which allows us to optimize resources and processes and mitigate risk.

NOMADICS has the technical, management, analytical, engineering staff with the necessary skill sets and an understanding of the Government environment and culture.

NOMADICS is proud to be part of the following consortiums and contract vehicles:


Staff Augmentation

  • Traditional FAR- or AMS-based Service Contracting
  • Providing personnel for Senior, Journeyman, and Junior Engineers, Technicians, Analysts (Logistics, Financial, Programmatic, Acquisition), Administrative, and Other Functions
  • Multiple contracting options, including government-wide IDIQ, Professional Services contract, agency-specific contracts and client-specific IDIQ contracts
  • Typically used for positions where the Government doesn’t have Direct Hire Authority or requires surge capacity

Technical Staff Pipelining

  • Traditional FAR- or AMS-based Service Contracting
  • Option for a client to hire junior-to-mid-level engineering and technical/scientific staff prior to using a Direct Hire Authority to in-source
  • Involves recruiting from local engineering universities and technical colleges
  • Allows the Government to evaluate technical staff for competency and compatibility prior to hiring
  • Provides the client with surge capacity to meet emerging technical requirements

SME Support

  • Through our FAR- or AMS-based Service Contracts, we can find Subject Matter Experts with specific domain or system knowledge required by the client
  • Our SMEs are either retired Government employees or industry/academia experts to provide third-party expertise
  • Our SMEs can either be full-time equivalents or part-time employees as needed
  • Multiple contracting options existing to include GWAC IDIQ and Agency-specific contracts

Solution Provider

  • A vendor- and product-agnostic solution provider
  • We identify technologies, products, and vendors with the best solutions to meet the client’s requirements
  • For prototype projects, Other Transaction Agreements through a consortium such as DOTC/NAC, C5, SOSSEC, or other OTA are possible
  • FAR-based manufacturing contracts are also available.

NOMADICS is a fire-and-forget weapon.

Glenn A., CAPT, USN (Ret.)


Engineering and Technical Solutions

Our engineers, technicians, and subject matter experts are singularly focused on technology and product development with a specific emphasis on providing our clients with the expertise to turn complex requirements into real solutions.

Government Systems Solutions

  • Engineering analyses, design, development and fielding of Army/DOD weapons and projectiles
  • Creation and maintenance of 3D Technical Data Packages (3D TDP) and Weapon System Interface Documents (WSID)
  • Creation and use of reference models using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Dynamic Analysis Modeling
  • General engineering effort focused on the creation and maintenance of new detailed designs of components and assemblies
  • Detailed development and design of various systems and components to include: gas spring and damper systems, recoil mitigation systems, and thermal management systems
  • Reviews and analyses of production methods, capabilities, capacities, and data
  • Resolution of technical and manufacturing problems
  • Technical support for the modification, development, installation, and check out testing of engineering developmental and prototype hardware
  • Bench testing, field testing, and support for range testing to include the development of test plans and monitoring 3rd party system testing at Army and DoD Test Ranges
  • Systems Safety Engineering
  • Unmanned Systems Analysis
  • Systems Hazard Analysis
  • Mitigation Strategy Recommendations
  • Technical and Research Support
  • HAZMAT Management Plan Development
  • Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Development Support

Environmental Engineering Solutions

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Resource Assessment Reporting
  • Wetland Mitigation and Restoration
  • Impact Statements
  • Litigation Consulting and Testimony
  • Policy and Research
  • Certification Services
  • Community Service
  • Advocacy
  • Training and Development

Logistics, Safety and Field Support

Logistics, Safety and Field Support practice provides our clients with the full suite of acquisition and sustainment logistics services and the associated safety solutions with experienced technical writers, trainers, instructional designers, and logistics & safety specialists experienced in the development of Life-cycle Sustainment Plans (LCSP), technical publications, interactive technical manuals (IETM), provisioning of material solutions, New Equipment Training and Train the Trainer classes, and material management typically associated with the acquisition of mission critical systems, software, and hardware.

  • Developing Life-cycle Sustainment Plans (LCSP)
  • Developing Safety Plans
  • Development and editing of technical publications to include interactive technical manuals (IETM)
  • Material provisioning, building, controlling, and maintaining the inventory of weapon systems spare parts and the subassemblies used in system upgrades and fielding
  • Minor repair, disassembly, installation, and assembly on support weapon systems required during system upgrades and weapon fielding
  • New Equipment Training
  • Supporting facilities and equipment management, asset classifications, inventory control and distribution/disposal
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Modeling.
  • Management of land and space leases and utilities management
  • Preparing rate and cost adjustments, adding and deleting utility accounts, resolving payment issues, and determining property condition, utilizing GIS where needed

Program Management and Mission Support

NOMADICS provides proven program and project and technology management processes and practices. Our team of technology-focused professionals guide your agency whether it is a small-scale R&D effort or a large-scale acquisition program. We assist with the development of an Advanced Technology and Product Development Process designed specifically to assist our client’s engineers and project managers with managing and tracking the health of DoD-focused, technology-centric R&D efforts. The process includes clearly defined success measures with specific process gates and established exit criteria designed to take a project from the DoD Technology Readiness Level 2 through technology transfer at TRL-7.  We also provide our DoD and Federal Civilian clients with other force enabling mission support services to include financial management, quality assurance, procurement support, contract/vendor management, and administrative services. 

  • Manage and track the health of DoD-focused, technology-centric R&D efforts and assist with taking an R&D project from Technology Readiness Level 2 through technology transfer at TRL-7
  • Integrated Master Schedules development and management
  • Development of Obligation Plans, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), financial status reports, and EVM
  • Program Management Training and PM standardization to include developing templates and user guide
  • Construction Assessment and Support
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Regulatory Compliance and Negotiation
  • Oversight Coordination
  • Data Recording and Reporting
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Incident Assessment and Management
  • HAZMAT Spill Response and Management
  • Air Monitoring and Risk Assessment
  • First Responder Emergency Spill Containment
  • Site Restoration and Remediation