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Expand your State’s ability to make informative, real-time decisions while implementing your COVID-19 response and vaccine distribution plan.

There are significant moving parts and unknowns that States must oversee to manage COVID-19:

The distribution plan to construct and coordinate. Federal requirements to meet. The varying needs of different regions and counties. The entire shipping and inventory system. Unknown vaccine quantities released by the Federal Government. Faulty freezers.

These and a host of other on-the-ground realities are just some of the variables that Response Teams and local officials must manage to avoid vaccine waste and streamline reordering logistics.

WHAT IF your entire Response Team had a virtual, easy-to-use knowledge-management tool at their finger tips?

Integrate all of your State’s relevant data into one tool, where the data is visualized for easy comparison between various factors and infection rates.

Provide management oversight of your entire distribution plan, including inventory and shipping logistics.

Visualize your State’s entire landscape—with emphasis on tracking vulnerable populations and customizing priority indexes—so that resources can be managed accordingly.

Produce real-time facts and scenario factors, empowering Response Teams to get ahead of local needs and align resources against the spread.


The first generation of PROJECT: SURE SHOT was launched in April 2020 and concluded in December 2022. Click the link to the interactive dashboard below to see how 33 months of aggregated information enabled better decision-making for COVID-19 responders.

No war room is complete without a data tool that visualizes and tracks all the variables a state must track to suppress and manage COVID-19.

PROJECT: SURE SHOT empowers Response Teams to actively monitor various interdependencies, infection rates and data systems—in one place.


A user-friendly, interactive knowledge-management tool developed specifically to help State COVID Response Teams, health commissioners and governors make informed, real-time decisions to effectively contain the spread of COVID-19.

This intelligent tool empowers Response Teams to:

Proactively move and reallocate resources according to real-time data and emerging trends

Identify knowledge gaps and hidden opportunities that static reports can’t expose.

Administer and/or distribute vaccines against your State’s priority indexes in context of up-to-the-minute infection rates and other state-specific factors, such as hospital staffing or clinic capacity rates.

Manage the known and unknown complexities of an unprecedented crisis, including shipping, storage, reordering supplies, and managing waste, fraud and other expected outcomes as your State manages COVID cycles.

Even with the best laid distribution plans, the reality that has unfolded in counties and local towns across the United States is ever-changing. It’s up to your State’s Response Team to improvise and act quickly. How effectively these decisions are made impacts lives.

This is exactly why PROJECT: SURE SHOT was designed: to empower multiple users to make real-time, informed decisions based on evolving, on-the-ground situations.

At its most basic level PROJECT: SURE SHOT is:


From Day One, PROJECT: SURE SHOT’s visual interface organizes data so that critical information and interdependencies between data sets is front and center and can be viewed through different proactive filters by a click of a button.


By integrating and visualizing numerous data sources into one tool—including your State databases and Federal resources (such as WHO, CDC, HHS, etc.)—information gaps are closed and a common language for your Response Team to address unfolding issues is possible.

A Global View

PROJECT: SURE SHOT enables multiple vantage points of your State’s landscape, which is something that static data and infection tracking dashboards alone can’t provide.


PROJECT: SURE SHOT tracks any moving part of the logistics, including public health and vaccine supply chain process, which can be configured to your State’s specific needs.


PROJECT: SURE SHOT is able to incorporate various Response Team data needs, as well as tracking vulnerable and minority population health trends throughout your State.

PROJECT: SURE SHOT is not another virus tracking map.

With PROJECT: SURE SHOT, key decision-makers throughout your State can keep their finger on the real-time pulse to make informed decisions that save lives.

Distribute critical resources where it’s needed most.

  • Real-Time Decision-Making
  • Multiple Vantage Points
  • Effective Plan Management
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Learn more about how the engineers and technologists behind PROJECT: SURE SHOT can infuse your logistics planning and crisis management teams with real-time data for better decision-making.